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Surround SFX SoundPacks for NI KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER
  Surround SFX SoundPacks for KORE and KORE PLAYER  

SoundPacks for NI KORE 2 & KORE PLAYER


We've teamed up with Native Instruments to create SoundPacks for their KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER platforms. The latter is a free download and the minimum requirement for using our SoundPack products.

Currently, we offer the following KORE SoundPacks:

KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER are registered trademarks of Native Instruments GmbH.
Surround SFX SoundPacks for NI KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER


Turn your KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER into a powerful and innovative effects unit. Making use of KORE's integrated engines and four custom Reaktor ensembles, DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS gives you intuitive access to extreme manipulation of your audio. Whether you are into Minimal House, Industrial, Shoegazer Rock or Urban styles (or any other genre, really) these effects will make your day.
After we supplied Native Instruments with a large part of the effects for their DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS SoundPack in 2008, we started talking about producing a complete effects SoundPack for them. A ton of negotiations, six months of programming and probably an entire barrel of Lagavulin later, we're proud to present DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS to you. This pack of realtime effects effectively turns KORE 2 or the KORE PLAYER into an effects unit that rivals even very expensive hardware effects units. This is a real "Turn anything into groovy as hell stuff" product. But don't take our word for it, listen for yourself. Here's a pretty simple four bar club groove, first played dry, then heard processed through various DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS effects, spliced into one long file. You are hearing not more than one effect at a time, and edits are every two bars.
Actually, even the coolest pieces of kit in my rack don't have quite such complex patches as DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS features, and are nowhere as easy to handle. To give you an idea of *how* complex the patches actually are, here are three signal flow diagrams and the respective KORE realtime controls mappings. Click on the images to enlarge them.


Fancy pictures don't convey as much info as another audio demo does, so here's another demo, this time showcasing what DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS can do to a down-beat groove taken from the NI MASCHINE Library (to which we happen to have contributed quite some stuff, including most, if not all, effect chains....).
While it is not easy to concisely put into words what the included Reaktor ensembles actually do, as they mainly do stuff that has no specific name, here is an approximation of a description:
  • FilterFreeze: quad filtered Freezers under MIDI control
  • Iteratron: automatic Repeater and Step-Filter
  • Reverseroid: timeline-synced Frame Reverser
  • Ryuchi: lo-fi Pitch-Shifter with independent Up- & Down-Shift

Hey, that worked OK. You get the idea. If you don't, you can either read a more verbose description of what the ensembles do, or, in case you do not want to *read* our marketing crap or any daft manuals, but rather want to *hear* what DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS can do for you, here's an example of what happened to a very simple and formerly innocent synth line right after it met Mr DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS.

Here's what a couple of our customers have to say about DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS:

"Simply Awesome."
-Martin Buttrich, Producer, Desolat Recordings

"There is no other plug-in that features such a large number of such mind-boggingly creative effects that are so extremely FAT sounding...a no-brainer by all standards!"
-Julius Selbach, Sound Designer, Crytek GmbH

"This stuff is just fully off the hook."
-Marc Steinmeier, Producer, Def Jam

"Can you please NOT release these effects so that i can have them exclusively? These are going to be all over my tracks for sure!"
-Sebbo, Producer & DJ, Liebe*Detail

As we're talking about people saying things, here is an example of a vocal sample processed using DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS effects.
While we're at it, here's one last demo. This time, a Guitar loop is processed with our effects. The loop is also from the NI MASCHINE factory library.
How about some Facts? Sure. Apart from containing four custom Reaktor ensembles painstakingly tailored by SSFX, DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS contains 150 Patches (a.k.a KoreSounds), each containing 8 Settings (a.k.a. Sound Variations), for a total of 1,200 Presets. It uses Reaktor, Absynth 4, Guitar Rig 3 and KORE 2 engines. And.....all this comes for less than a hundred bucks. Sixty-nine Euros including VAT to be precise. Doctor not included.

DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS is available for purchase from the SSFX Webstore now.


Manipulate your Audio in terms of FREQuency with our second KORE Effects Pack, DEEP FREQ.
150 KORE Effects with Pitch-Shifters, Frequency-Shifters, Grain-Shifters, Pseudo Re-Synthesizers, Feedback-Loops and more in mind-boggingly complex combinations will transform your signal beyond recognition. Doctor not included.

Available now from the SSFX Webstore for €69,- including VAT



"Deep Freq is among the most creative tools in my arsenal. Like Deep Reconstructions, it'll be all over my tracks."
-Martin Buttrich, Producer, Desolat Recordings

"Amazing stuff. Wether I need to create alien ambiences, buzzing broken high-tech devices or groovy music - Deep Freq is inserted 24/7."
-Julius Selbach, Sound Designer, Crytek GmbH


DEEP FREQ is our second effects package for the KORE 2 / KORE Player platform by NI, picking up where we left off with DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS. Where DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS focused on processing your signal in terms of time, DEEP FREQ is all about warping, bending, shifting, mangling and otherwise mutilating your sound in terms of frequency. Like its cousin, DEEP FREQ is designed to turn your audio into something completely different; no cuddly, friendly, care-bear-type effects included. It's also designed to do that with maximum speed and ease, much like you'd use certain popular outboard effects devices: step through a couple of presets, put on grin, bounce to disk. Rinse & repeat. If you want to roll your own, turning one of the carefully assigned knobs a little way can take you from completely mad to utterly insane processing within seconds. If you have to remix a tune and one track beats the other for uninspired boringness, if you're suffering from an acute case of "inspiration is out for lunch" or if you're simply looking for a particularly unique effect, DEEP FREQ was designed to sort you out.

If you've read the marketing talk so far, you're probably dying to actually *hear* some sounds processed with DEEP FREQ. Here you go.

ROCK N' ROLL. This demo features a beat, a bass and a guitar from the NI Maschine library. We bounced the guitar and the bass through numerous DEEP FREQ patches and arranged the results into this tune --- we've decided to occasionally layer multiple takes of bass and guitar to get more of a "song" vibe going, but it's always just one patch applied at a time. Imagine what you could do if the source was a song and not a loop. Let me gaze at those shoes a little.

DEEP FREQ features 150 multi-effects patches that make use of the Absynth 5, Guitar Rig Pro 4 and REAKTOR 5 engines in addition to KORE's built-in effects. Each of these patches features 8 sound variations that you can recall as 1,200 presets or morph between for instant creation of new settings. The 150 patches are really best considered as "algorithms", as they have very complex signal flow structures to create effects that you'll find nowhere else. Here are a couple of diagrams to give you an idea of the kind of complexity we're talking about. Click on an image to enlarge.

SSFX Buttbeard Signal Flow DiagramSSFX De-Facto Chimp Signal Flow DiagramSSFX Finite Wire Signal Flow Diagram

Well, that looks great, but it's really more about the sound isn't it.

DEEP. Here's another demo. The first bar of this demo features a Totally Boring Bass(tm), created with NI Massive and very little inspiration. We've then bounced that cheap excuse for a bass through one DEEP FREQ preset at a time, and spliced the results together in two or four bar sections. Everything you hear, except from the drums made with MASCHINE, is created solely from this bass.

INTENSE. Because we got so many cool results processing that bass, here's another one, same procedure, different batch of patches and different beat.

DEEP FREQ also comes with 4 custom REAKTOR ensembles. For users that have a REAKTOR license, these are usable and editable in REAKTOR. For users without a REAKTOR license, we've included 4 "wrapper"-KORE-Sounds, that allow using the ensembles with all their parameters from within KORE 2 / KORE PLAYER --- all you'll be missing is the REAKTOR GUI. The included ensembles are:

  • (re)Sonitarium: 4-voice Resonator with odd/even harmonics control, a delay per voice and various modulation options
  • Plagiarism: pseudo-resynthesizer using input amplitude and look-up tables to control 16 oscillators or bandpass filters
  • Spreadbands: five filters with controllable and modulateable inter-band spacing
  • Modul8: triple modulation effects probably best described as "hybrids between broken granulators and circuit-bent pitch-shifters"

Here are the signal flow diagrams of the four ensembles to help clarify what's going on:

SSFX (re)Sonitarium Signal Flow DiagramSSFX Modul8 Signal Flow DiagramSSFX Plagiarism Signal Flow DiagramSSFX SpreadBands Signal Flow Diagram

You can also grab the manual for more in-depth info here, or just go ahead and listen to the next demo.

OFF THE HOOK. For this demo, we took an Urban-type beat from the MASCHINE library and had a close look at what Deep Freq can do to the poor little drumloop. A lot, as it turns out. Again, everything you hear, including synth-like sounds or pad-like textures, was created by using just one Deep Freq preset on the drumloop and splicing the results together. The first two bars are the unprocessed beat.

OUT OF THIS WORLD. Deep Freq can do some serious mangling to vocals. Robot & alien voices, vocoder-like effects, rhytmic vocal textures --- no problem for Deep Freq. Actually, vocal-processing is one of its strong points. But don't believe the hype, believe your ears. Here's the next demo, using vocal samples from, you guessed it, the NI Maschine library. We've processed the entire 4-part phrase with one patch at a time and spliced the results together. As always, no additional processing was used.
ALIEN. Wether you want to create the sounds of alien machinery for a film or game, or wether you want to create mutated rhythms for far-out musical styles, Deep Freq does it. The source material for this demo is a recording of rattling the metal basket of a dishwasher and can be heard in the first bar. As always, the source material was bounced through one Deep Freq effect at a time, and the results were spliced together.
ATMOSPHERIC. Spaceship hangar drones, ancient alien temple ruin ambiences as well as dreamy soundtrack-type backdrops are more good examples of what you can do with Deep Freq. The textures in this demo were created from the same dishwasher loop as used in the previous demo. In this demo, we've done longer crossfades between the various snippets.

FACTS. DEEP FREQ contains 150 Patches (a.k.a KoreSounds), each containing 8 Settings (a.k.a. Sound Variations), for a total of 1,200 Presets. It uses Reaktor, Absynth 5, Guitar Rig 4 and KORE 2 engines and comes with four unique REAKTOR ensembles.

Price: €69,- including VAT.

DEEP FREQ is available for purchase from the SSFX Webstore now.